Broken Crayons Still Color School Program

Children have an amazing way to make sense of the world without the biases and restrictions we develop as adults. 

Children also have a limitless imagination and a big  heart. Our first school program to build awareness about brain aneurysms and acceptance of survivors who have a “broken brain”, moved us to tears. The class of 5th graders showed genuine curiosity, compassion, and care in shaping their community service project to bring LOVE, HOPE and JOY to brain aneurysm survivors. As you look at the beautiful flowers created by the students — go beyond. Listen to the story behind the art., captured in this interview with our School Program Advisor, Tierney Clark. Listen to the process. Listen to learn.

Harbor of Life donated 1000 postcards to the students and their families, allowing them to spread the Love, Hope, & Joy that they discovered through this creative and thought provoking art program. We have learned so much while working with these children during an amazing multi-day program, and we are ready to scale it to other schools across the country!

If you’d like to learn more about our school programs, please email to get involved.